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Mardukite Career Opportunities – Work From Home Making a Better New World

The Joshua Free Publishing Imprint 2019 Releases

Here we are in 2020, the start of a brand new decade and an unquestionable turning point for the continuing evolution of the Human Condition. For the first time in modern history, all individuals–in all places on Earth–are experiencing the incredible effects of modern systems when pressure is applied to their integrity. All industries and economies are being prioritized and many new adjustments are being adapted to–or even enforced–to make attempts at handling the problems of our material world with the most material means.

MARDUKITE ZUISM (the spiritual tradition of Mardukite Ministries) Founded by Joshua Free in 2008

Still…the Wheel keeps turning…

Many reading this now have already experienced some of the benefits accessible from working with the intensive and revolutionary esoteric research library developed by prolific mystic and esoteric philosopher Joshua Free, and can easily see why many today continue to seek these materials and develop along the Pathway toward the highest ideal state of knowing and being, to become more than human and achieve the next stage of our spiritual evolution. If not now, when?

And many already have a sense of this… yet, suddenly we find a time when book distribution is not given a priority by the same industrial and commercial enterprises that work so hard to monopolize on the trade; many of which were actually built upon small book distribution businesses, later resulting in large franchised or warehoused corporations–all built upon the wholesale acquisition and resale of other people’s items. Of course, this is nothing new: we call it “retail.” Though certainly the face of retail has changed since the 1980’s and 1990’s… and many of these long-standing businesses and booksellers have been forced to close their doors to the public. Even when business resumes after the current crisis, it is expected to take a while for things to catch up…


POINT IN FACT: Imagine our surprise when an individual contacted us explaining that their copy of the latest Necronomicon: The Complete Anunnaki Legacy Master Edition Hardcover release was now going to take 6 weeks for delivery… SIX WEEKS! And this is an individual with the means and desire to continue moving forth in their personal development, that has decided that the greatest sense of stability and normalcy and centeredness that they can maintain for themselves in the shadows of what is taking place in the world is to hold something real!–something they know can assist them, at the very least in maintaining the higher toned mental states that are necessary in combating the chaos and randomity experienced in these times, being what they are…

Many of the usual channels of mass distribution are referring their “book-seeking” customers to other independent sellers and even those who are listed as third-parties on these same sites. That means rather than amazon listing itself as the best source of books, other independent third-parties that list titles on the same site are now given greater priority, meanwhile amazon deals with the other higher-priority items directly. More individuals are selling on eBay than ever before and essentially finding any career opportunity or even a temporary position that will enable them to make up for lost income from home. Even those who are still out in the work force today are receiving serious cuts in hours, or complete lay-offs altogether. This is actually allowing more and more independent sites and small home-based sellers to rise up and fill a demand of meeting needs of the industries not being prioritized by the “big boys.”


What does this mean for you??

It has been a little known fact that Mardukite Alumni, Chamberlains and others closely working with us over the years have had the opportunity of obtaining materials at a discount by “personal arrangement” donations made to the Mardukite Ministries and its Research Orgs that govern the Joshua Free Publishing Imprint (and still existent Mardukite Truth Seeker Press). These individuals often acquire their materials in bulk for themselves, groups, gifts or online distribution at an incredible discount.

For a limited time (expected until Summer 2020) the Mardukite Offices has decided to extend an invitation to those seeking career opportunities from home during these times as booksellers and distributors by whatever channels and circles of reach accessible. Obviously we do not want people going door to door during these times, but this could even open up a more permanent opportunity for folks that start doing this now.

Obviously, what is happening right now in the world will pass into some new “time” and the challenges it proposes to the Human Condition. We are problem-solvers by nature. But this requires clarity and the solutions applied by the world today will likely present new problems tomorrow. But we move forward, ever onward, extending our reach and returning to the undeniable source of all these communications taking place around us. These communications are not limited to physical contact and there are a great many means that a Seeker has today in reaching others. Listing on sites such as amazon, eBay and others–even hosting your own site or blog–all are means of reaching a public that is actively seeking for a way to get their books in less than six weeks!

tablets of destiny, tablet of destinies, systemology, zuism, mardukite, joshua free


Right now we are offering to have commercial orders shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouses to Seekers wishing to apply themselves to this (potentially temporary and limited time) career opportunity of distributing Joshua Free Publishing Imprint books from home! And we are, for a very limited time (expected until Summer 2020) providing personal arrangement book requests for donations of up to 50% off our retail catalog including free shipping. This means an individual can acquire books at 50% off the retail price and keep the difference when they sell them! This is actually greater than the standard wholesale available to retailers and distributors during “better days”! And with a 50% discount, this would mean being able to offer items online (or directly) at competitive prices, even during these times as they are.

(This is actually a considerably significant opportunity that is likely to be overlooked for the time we make it available and then removed entirely once this blog post is taken down.)

How “personal arrangement donations” for materials work? How to get books to resell from home for 50% off?

–We can provide a wholesale shipment of books for 50% off and free shipping for book requests that meet or exceed $149 “personal arrangement donations”; which means, for example:

…a “personal arrangement donation” (via PayPal as gift/friend) of $150 would provide a shipment with a retail value of $300, &tc. and receive free shipping. (The shipping and handling on smaller orders than this minimum render it impossible to offer comparable discounting.)

–Example: 2 copies of Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible (Hardcover), 2 copies of Gates of the Necronomicon (Hardcover) and 2 copies of the Necronomicon Anunnaki Grimoire (Hardcover) would be a $300 value for all six books, but would be able to get them to you for a $150 including UPS shipping to physical addresses. This is of course just one simple example of what an acceptable order might look like. Any combination of any quantity is acceptable so long as the minimum $300 retail total is met. And of course this is not limited to a $300 retail order; by the same logic, $500 worth of books would require only a $250 donation, &tc.

CRYSTAL CLEAR by JOSHUA FREE (available in hardcover and paperback)

At this time we are only able to provide this temporary service to those living in the United States with physical mailing addresses (no PO Boxes, &tc.) because shipments are provided and tracked via UPS Ground.

ANY OF THE TITLES released by the Joshua Free Publishing Imprint are included in this offer. This means the 16 found in the 2019 ANNUAL REVIEW, which includes:

Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible (Hardcover);
The Complete Anunnaki Bible (Paperback);
The Gates of the Necronomicon (Hardcover);
The Sumerian Legacy (Paperback);
Necronomicon Revelations (Paperback);
Necronomicon Anunnaki Grimoire (Hardcover);
Practical Babylonian Magic (Paperback);
The Complete Book of Marduk (Hardcover);
The Maqlu Ritual Book (Hardcover);
The Draconomicon (Hardcover);
The Elvenomicon (Hardcover);
The Druid’s Handbook (Hardcover);
The Sorcerer’s Handbook (Hardcover);
The Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible (Pocket Paperback);
and the Necronomicon Anunnaki Spellbook (Pocket Paperback)

In addition to this, all of our newer releases specifically carried by the Joshua Free Publishing Imprint are also included, meaning also:

The Vampyre’s Handbook (Hardcover);
Tablets of Destiny (Hardcover and Paperback);
Crystal Clear (Hardcover and Paperback);
Necronomicon: The Complete Anunnaki Legacy (Master Hardcover);
Merlyn’s Complete Book of Druidism (Master
and The Systemology Handbook (Master Hardcover)

Grade-II Route of Mesopotamia & Grade-I Route of Druidism and Dragon Legacy

Be aware that while we have worked with incredibly superior and economical manufacturers for our books, there are some conditions that do sometimes appear given the bulk handling and printing processes involved. Those items considered still sellable (even at a slight discount) are therefore non-returnable.

Acceptable Variations in Production include all minor defects; minor manufacturing defects can occur from time to time. This list includes, but is not limited to, defects that when minor, are not considered to make a product unsellable: Cover scratches, Smudges in the matte lamination (Usually this is glue which can be wiped off with a damp cloth), minor shipping or handling dents, ink spots, folded pages, lamination creases or scored cover hinges, gutter read marks, etc.

Joshua Free Publishing Imprint Mardukite Core Research Library Grade I and II Liber Codes

IF THIS SEEMS like the opportunity you’ve been looking for to supplement your income, work from home, or even just save money on personal books and gifts during this special circumstance on the track of human history, than contact us about your individual needs and requests and let us see if we can keep working together to making a better brave new world!

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Moroii ad Vitam Returns! Vampyre’s Handbook reveals Mastery of Magick and Energy Work for Spiritual Immortality

Vampyre's Handbook: Secret Rites of Modern Moroi Vampires

To realize that we are more than Human and actualize this state of Awareness has been the ultimate goal of all magical, mystical and spiritual pursuits since the dawn of time. It is perhaps no more blatantly represented and recognized than in one of the most superior occult archetypes ever to emerge: THE VAMPYRE…

In commemoration of its 5th Anniversary, the Joshua Free Publishing Imprint is proud to present, the complete Mardukite Moroii Vampyre Academy anthology in a much anticipated collector’s edition hardcover for the first time ever!

Vampyre's Handbok, Moroi Bible, Cybernomicon THE VAMPYRE’S HANDBOOK
Secret Rites of Modern Vampires

written by Joshua Free
with foreword by David Zibert

GLOBAL RELEASE: January 28, 2020

This very special VAMPYRE’S HANDBOOK 5th Anniversary Collector’s Edition provides unique rites and teachings of the modern “Vampire Tradition” collected together and brought to a high-level scrutiny for the first time ever in hardcover–combining the texts of two underground classics by Joshua Free: “The Vampyre’s Bible: Moroi Book of V” and “The Cybernomicon.”


Vampyrism is a very real, strong, ancient and powerful current within the occult community–so much so, that “occult” groups may be found to conceal a secret leadership or “inner circle” that either: refers to themselves as Vampyres; refers to some obscure or invisible Vampyric Secret Chiefs; or else performed “high magic” workings based on mystical techniques that fall within semantics of Vampyrism. These Secret Masters and Invisible Chiefs receive credit for the innermost teachings of magical societies, offering knowledge dating back to the primordial–before there was order; before there was a First Age, the primeval, First Cause of everything and nothing; Guardian of the Abyssal Void, wherein lies infinite unlimited potential. To this, our predecessors have called: “The Dragon.”

Sacred knowledge from ancient civilizations–including their technology–is only understood when looking beyond contemporary knowledge we are conditioned with. Society claims to prize “individuality” and “innovation” yet requires its citizens to learn and repeat the same methodology held by previous generations. Many great feats and incredible monuments of the ancients seem to defy reason and technology by the standards of our times. Many have no duplicability–reflecting some unknown “secret” tradition otherwise known as the esoteric or occult. To “occult” is to disguise what “actually” is taking place or in view, by imposing a “virtual” something in its place. Occult mysteries are arcane or esoteric: specialized knowledge intended for, and understood by, a small number of people.

Vampyre's Handbok, Moroi Bible, Cybernomicon Within this amazing presentation of the VAMPYRE’S HANDBOOK, Joshua Free bridges an understanding and communication of the realm of Magick and Mardukites with a futurist vision of Systemology and Zuism by revealing the Vampyric history, folklore, theory of energy work, practices of energy feeding, the Darksider diseases of werewolves, the necromancy of making zombies, ceremonies of death and immortality from the “Egyptian Book of the Dead.

MOROII AD VITAM PARAMUS means: “Living Vampyres who are Preparing For Life.”

MOROII (or MOROI, sing.) are a faction of underground living vampyres that dedicate their “mortal” lives to magical and vampyric pursuits, cultivating energy from this Realm and intentionally direct it to their Etheric Body–to essentially rehabilitate the power and authority of the True Spirit within. By empowering the true Self, all that is connected as Identity is empowered.

Drink deeply from the True Blood of the ancient mysteries revealed to the surface world in its entirety and in collector’s edition hardcover for the very first time!

For many Seekers studying underground in the past five years, the materials contained in the present edition of VAMPYRES’S HANDBOOK have served as a pivotal turning point of realization toward reaching a true understanding of the essence behind the Great Work!

Presentation of the current Moroi work was always intended as a threshold bridge for Seekers—those preferring the themes and energy work of “vampyrism”—going on toward Grade-III, only recently made available publicly as ‘Systemology: The Pathway to Self-Honesty’ cycle of materials—including: “The Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential” and “Crystal Clear: The Self-Actualization Manual & Guide to Total Awareness.

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SECRETS OF THE AGES & INCOMMUNICABLE ARCANUM : Truth Seeking with Joshua Free on Michael Decon’s “End of Days” Show

Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Joshua Free‘s modern “Mardukite” inception, including release of the original ‘Mardukite’ Legendary Books and Tomes of Magick — Arcanum and the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible — and the 20th Anniversary of the Sorcerer’s Handbook by Joshua Free (while writing as “Merlyn Stone” in the 1990’s)… Joshua Free makes his long-anticipated appearance on Michael Decon’s program, “End of Days”, an online radio show for an intimate evening of live, uncut and candid discussion traversing the prolific literary output and knowledge from Joshua Free spanning secrets of the ages and the incommunicable arcanum hidden behind the veils of life, the universe and everything!


Joshua Free‘s live 90-minute discussion with “End of Days Radio” host Michael Decon is now available to replay on YOUTUBE. Take a moment now and step outside the bounds of the mainstream realm and listen to the sounds from up out of the underground. Go behind the scenes with Joshua Free as he explains his experience on the path, intentions behind his legendary books of magick like Arcanum and the work of the modern “Mardukite” group and its development of the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible and Vampyre Magick and even the forthcoming “Book of Pheryllt.”

Although once abundantly present on the internet, today listeners and fans are gifted with this rare opportunity to attend a table-top conversation with Joshua Free, one of the most controversial and world-acclaimed underground figures. Take this chance to KNOW! Including commonly asked questions about why you may have never heard of Joshua Free before and being banned from “Ancient Aliens” TV and “Coast to Coast” Radio. In a joint effort to rise above restrictive controlled release of this knowledge in the mainstream, Michael Decon welcomes Joshua Free to his “End of Days” online radio program to uncover the truth of exactly “why?” — as an additional bonus, the second half of the program features an interview with Robert Bruce, author of “Astral Dynamics.”

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ARCANUM by Joshua Free, Returns! Greatest Occult Classic of 21st Century celebrates 10th Anniversary

The most comprehensive course, resource and encyclopedia of magick, practical occultism and metaphysics returns from the underground for a very special 10th Anniversary edition! Ten years ago, prolific writer and modern occultist, Joshua Free, developed a revolutionary literary contribution now considered the “greatest occult classic of the 21st century.” It is presented in a uniquely non-linear structure that naturally adapts and evolves to a seeker’s level of understanding and then builds upon it, advancing your metaphysical education beyond anything else found in a single volume ever!

Now, come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the harmonic unification of ‘secret knowledge’ that has received many labels throughout the ages: magick, occult, esoteric, pseudo-scientific and now, even quantum. Perfect for solitary seekers and working groups. Self-paced instruction provided by a leading member of the underground occult community, available without membership and in the privacy of your own home, office or secret chamber. For the first time since its prestigious debut release in 2008, the GREAT MAGICAL ARCANUM materials are available in print as an all-in-one volume, reformatted and revised to include hundreds of facets of history, theory, practice, examples and diagrams of the original notebooks candidly described for all ages by Joshua Free.

* Easy to read – Easy to learn – Easy to use!
* Nearly 1,000 topics and subjects
* Over 200 figures and diagrams
* Lowest price ever!

Concise. Practical. Pragmatic. Saves time and money, replacing hundreds of other books on your shelf, Joshua Free’s ARCANUM materials have reached critical public acknowledgment as the new standard for 21st century pursuits into such topics as: – Ritual & Ceremonial Magick for Invocation & Evocation of Spirits – The Nature of Spirits, Angels & Gods, Vampyres, Druids, Dragon Kings & Elves – Use of Spells, Sigils, Seals and Magic Squares for Love, Money & Power – Energy Work – Auras & Chakras, Quantum, Unified Fields and String Theory – Prophecy, Visions, Divination & Skrying, Astrophysics, Ancient Aliens & Religious Traditions …and much much more!

Originally developed exclusively for the archives of “Mardukite Ministries,” now you too can follow your own unique path of discovery and uncover the magickal mysteries and secret teachings of the ages. With ease you can quickly be on your way to becoming a master of the occult arts without restrictive and costly affiliation to a lodge or group. After having been shared by thousands, the ARCANUM work has been reevaluated for a new wave of readers discovering the prodigious works by Joshua Free.

Now is your chance to possess the most ultimate tome of magick ever to exist!

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DRUIDS, VAMPYRES & SUMERIANS : Mardukite 2017 (Year-9) Annual Occult & Esoteric Book Review | New Babylon Rising eZine

This past year the Mardukite Research Organization underwent tremendous developments and transitions. What began with establishment of a new Marduk Temple and mobile office for the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press resulted with the much anticipated founding of a NEW BABYLON, the physical 5-acre off-grid HQ and desert preserve of the modern movement in San Luis Valley (Colorado) called the: Mardukite Babylon Ancient Astronomy Research Office.

During the Summer 2016 through Summer 2017 (Mardukite Season), the mobile-RV Marduk Temple and its guardians made several journeys and social invasions, including the Bonneville Salt Flats (Utah), the Grotto of the Redemption (Iowa), Carhenge (Nebraska), Badlands National Park (South Dakota), Maquoketa Caves (Iowa), the Renaissance Festival (Colorado), Garden of the Gods (Colorado) and an extended stay at Clear Creek RV Park (Golden, Colorado) while ongoing construction on Mardukite Babylon commenced. Only two of the original Babylon Guardian trinity remains after Sora Siix / “Mik” Mikka (Mikkayla) Streeper defected from the group this Summer. Meanwhile, Joshua Free (DJ Nabu) and DJ Kyra Kaos continue the legacy.

After the RV conversion to ‘mobile office’, the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press continued its publishing schedule with second planned volume of the Books of Pheryllt trilogy: Pheryllt 2: Secrets of the Ogham: The 21 Leaves of Druid Wisdom from the Book of Ogma Sun-Face edited by Joshua Free. The Seeker is led into deep forests of woodland mystery wherein lies the Great Magical Arcanum, initiation to the Divine Secrets of the Universe hidden within the runes of twenty-one Keys – the OGHAM – the secret language and alphabet of the woods. Pheryllt 2 continues the epic tribute to the work of Douglas Monroe that Joshua Free began in 2014. The concluding volume is expected in 2018.

Several years ago, final revisions of the Mardukite Core resulted in a series of matching ‘annual’ anthologies; annual, because each collected an annual Mardukite Season of material (usually three or more books) in one volume. Recent release of the second edition 2012 (Year-4) anthology, History of the Necronomicon: The Secret Evolution of Ancient Anunnaki Tradition in Modern Mardukite Magick of Sumerians & Babylonians edited by Joshua Free, brings the four-volume set full circle to its completion. The anthology includes three books, two of which were newly released as stand-alone anniversary editions this year as well: “Crossing to the Abyss” (Liber-555) and “Enochian Magic & Kabbalah” (Liber-K).

Twenty years after the title first appeared for its prestigious underground release in 1996, Joshua Free’s Druid Compleat is completely revised and expanded for this all-in-one volume, reformatted to include the complete text from the author’s personal Druidic trilogy. Two of the three books included in this anthology were newly released as stand-alone anniversary editions this year: “Druidry” and “Draconomicon.” The most comprehensive course ever developed specific to the magick, metaphysics and secret wisdom of Druids returns for its most economical edition ever!

Rounding off a Mardukite Season of anthologies, the final literary works of Joshua Free, collected from “Vampyre’s Bible: Moroi Book of V” and the 2016 bestseller “Cybernomicon,” the complete rites and teachings of the Moroii ad Vitam Paramus now appear in the NEW anthology compilation: “Vampyre Magick: A Complete Guide for the Modern Vampire.” Prolific author and world renowned occult expert, Joshua Free, presents a unique revolutionary volume drawn from 20-years practical experience and a hereditary family tradition of Living Vampyres – the Moroii ad Vitam – an authentic spiritual system existing for centuries underground in Central Europe, emphasizing balance, transformation and our relationship with the Universe.

In addition to the recent deluxe edition release of the Mardukite all-time bestseller SUMERIAN RELIGION BY JOSHUA FREE, the next forthcoming title to be published by the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press is the 10th Anniversary Revised Edition of the underground classic masterpiece ARCANUM BY JOSHUA FREE, with a limited edition clothbound hardcover pre-release expected SAMHAIN 2017 before next years paperback is available.

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Mardukite Research Organization & Publishing Group : 2016 Year-in-Review | New Babylon Rising eZine


MARDUKITE YEAR-8 (2016) proved monumental in furthering the work of the Mardukite Research Organization and distribution of Mardukite Truth Seeker Press titles all over the world!

cybervampscollectionsmall Following the revolutionary CyberVamps debut volume in 2015, THE VAMPYRE’S BIBLE, the Beltane 2016 release of CYBERNOMICON completely reevaluated the complimentary synchronicity of the complete works of modern mystic and hybrid messenger Joshua Free — whether dubbed “Mardukite” or “CyberVamp” or “Systemology,” (etc.) the bigger picture for our times has become clearer than ever before!

pherlytcoll23 Continuing the widely anticipated and highly controversial Books of Fferyllt series first introduced with volume one of the BOOK OF PHERYLLT in 2014 with an emphasis on the “Dragon” in history, magic and human consciousness, Pheryllt neodruid initiate Joshua Free provided the second installment BOOK OF PHERYLLT in time for Samhain 2016. It emphasizes the secrets of “Tree Ogham” and herbalism in druid tradition. (Both the CYBERNOMICON and PHERYLLT VOL 2 were first published as limited edition hardcovers for Mardukite Chamberlains prior to paperback release.)

2016reissuecollectionsmall As it turned out, 2016 was a banner year for “Anniversary Editions” commissioned by the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press commemorating long-standing underground occult classics developed by Joshua Free, dating back to his years writing under the name “Merlyn Stone” in the 1990s.

DRACONOMICON, first published underground in 1996 for the Mystics of the Earth (Draconic Celtic Lodge of Druids) celebrates its 20TH ANNIVERSARY this year! This original classic by neodruid Joshua Free predated the authors more recent official work with New Forest Centre of Douglas Monroe and the Books of Pheryllt literary series.

JOSHUA FREE’s unpublished manuscript titled “Applied Druidology” in 2001 served as reference material for later works including “Book of Elven-Faerie” and “Arcanum.” It appeared underground under the title “Druidry” in 2012 and has now been re-released to the general public for its 15TH ANNIVERSARY edition as the THE BOOK OF DRUIDRY, complimenting a growing line of pocket eco-editions from the Mardukite Publishing Group.

BoZthumbcvr In addition to the CyberVamps and Pheryllt Druid paradigms, the Mardukite-specific work from Mesopotamia also saw restoration this year, including a new 5TH ANNIVERSARY pocket eco-edition of the ceremonial guide to the Babylonian Akitu New Year Festival in the BOOK OF ZAGMUK BY NABU. Furthermore, a new edition of the “Book of Sajaha the Seer” reappeared as the LOST BOOK OF SHAYAHA.

Plans are still being developed for the National Mardukite NexGenCon scheduled for the August 2017 eclipse at Carhenge, Nebraska following a Wizards of the Wasteland spiritual retreat in the South Dakota Badlands.

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MERLIN’S SECRET — How To Use Personal Magnetism, Biorhythms & Energy Fields to Improve Everyday Life


Karmic Energy and Life Lessons are an integral part of ‘learning’ and ‘evolving’ as SELF, auto-correcting conditions of Identity, that either lead us toward or away from the pursuit of our highest evolution. Reality is entirely energetic in its composition—a Virtual Cyberspace—represented in ‘degrees’ of energy manifesting as the symbols, props and analogous learning tools (educational aids), experienced in-and-as our ‘everyday’ life.
— JOSHUA FREE explains in the new release, CYBERNOMICON

REnewcvrfrntcropmed Magical Work and a Magical Life bridges the physical mind with the ethereal infinite to relay messages to us—in dreams, deep meditation, and naturally, other channels of inter-dimensional communication…

Every single day is an adventure for the spirit within.

BELIEFS and JUDGMENTS affect our personal attention and the flow of energy processed by our selves like a catalyst. We are, all of us, interconnected by a grid-like MATRIX operating in the background of reality — allowing reality to BE.

arcanum2012thumb Personal dedication to ASCENSION, the MERLIN PATH or WAY OF THE VAMPYRE, requires fixing the mind to understand knowledge of how and why things are, learning when to give up the hold of narrow minded social programming. No matter what we think we know—powers that bind the truth of things are well beyond the sensory boundaries of “material” comprehension.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

way_revelationd Your LIGHT BODY is directly influenced by your ‘mental state‘ and general condition of the ‘physical‘ and ‘emotional‘ aspects of self. Dedication to the Great Work and traveling the Right Way naturally expands the influence and power of the ASTRA (aura).

The nature of “personal vibrations” you project outwardly as your LIGHT SHIELD—your personal energetic field—affects how you interpret [process] events and encounters. This has a direct relationship on energetic exchanges taking place as part of your Reality Experience.

Performing energy work has an effect beyond yourself.

cuneisdgsdg ENERGY is at work all the time, evident by the periodic spikes of fluctuation that can draw the attention energy of a nation through media.

ENERGY is working when social outlets of emotional discharge are present. And when it can resonate with others of a like frequency—such as at celebrations or sporting events—it can reach intoxicating levels, even enough to charge spaces to resonate a specific energy frequency thereafter.

ENERGETIC RESONANCE of locations are relative to energetic streams that interact there—both in frequency and amplitude. For example, there is: the natural memory of the place itself; geological factors and EMF movement; and ultimately, the energetic residue (signatures) left behind from people and high-level emotional events—all of which develop a resonance “type” affecting the total sum of charged energy present…

…Not to mention—the perspective and direct influence of the Observer having the experience.

“All life exists with the power to reproduce in kind. We are given, not only the ability to reproduce, but the task of nourishing and fueling each other through the positive and negative formation, in this way increasing the strength of our magnetic field to bring our bodies and minds to the highest level of health and vitality.”
William E. Gray


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