WELCOME to the official Mardukite Library and Archives. Titles listed below are links to the most current editions published (amazon.com product pages). Check “Liber” codes when making selections; single titles are frequently republished in anthologies. For alternate editions: collectors should visit The Vault.

The Babylonian Mardukite Tradition

by Joshua Free
2009 — Complete Year-1 Liber-N,L,G,9,W+M
SIXTH EDITION — mardukite.com exclusive
A masterpiece of Mesopotamian history and spirituality, providing a complete Sumerian & Babylonian tablet collection in one volume, composing in itself — a ‘bible’ — the predecessor and basis of civilization and religion thereafter. Newcomer? Wondering where to start? The ‘Mardukite Core’ begins with this book.

Guide to the Babylonian Mardukite Tradition

by Joshua Free
2010 — Complete Year-2 Liber-50,51/52,R
THIRD EDITION — mardukite.com exclusive
Originally three installments: “Sumerian Religion”, “Sumerian Traditions” (formerly “Babylonian Myth & Magic”) and “Necronomicon Revelations.” Critically acclaimed Mardukite research and development from 2010, available in one volume. The definitive follow-up companion to the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible.

Sumerian & Babylonian Anunnaki Systems of Mardukite Magick & Religion

by Joshua Free
2011 — Complete Year-3 Liber-E,M,C
THIRD EDITION — mardukite.com exclusive
A highly accessible anthology revealing the complete Year-3 studies of mysticism and magic of Mesopotamia containing three volumes: “Magan Magic”, “Maqlu Magic” & “Beyond the Ishtar Gate” (also available as the “Necronomicon Spellbook” trilogy).

The Secret Evolution of Ancient Anunnaki Traditions

by Joshua Free
2012 — Complete Year-4 Liber-K,555,12A
SECOND EDITION — mardukite.com exclusive
A superior collection of controversial underground materials relaying amazing insights into the secret evolution of Anunnaki traditions, including complete materials from “Enochian Magic & The Kabbalah”, “Crossing to the Abyss” and “Nabu Speaks” (Part 1: Of Babylon & Egypt).

Modern Mardukite Memoir

by Joshua Free
2014 — A mardukite.com exclusive edition!
Materials of Mardukites and NexGen Systemologists represent a new futurist foundation of thought, ascending the Stairway to Heaven through Self-actualization using the most ancient wisdom teachings on the planet.


Sumerians, Babylonians & Anunnaki

by Joshua Free
2010 — Year-2 Liber-50,51/52
The most critically acclaimed bestselling materials from the Mardukite Research Organization – now available from the underground – revealing amazing insights into the Anunnaki and Mesopotamian Mysteries — just as relevant and critical today as thousands of years ago!

Pocket Anunnaki Devotional Companion

by Joshua Free
2010 — Year-2 Liber W
A contemporary ‘tablet collection’ that paved the way for intensive research and experimentation. It reveals the inner-circle methods used by the ‘Order of Nabu’ to acquire direct communication with ‘alien intelligence’, reviving the same process as priests of the Anunnaki in Mesopotamia.

Pocket Anunnaki Devotional Companion
to New Years Akiti Festival of Babylon

by Joshua Free
2010/2011 — Year-2&3 Liber Z
The 3rd Edition of an original underground classic revealing amazing insight into the religious and spiritual reality of the ancient Babylonians, described on cuneiform clay tablets unearthed in the Middle East.

Secret Wisdom of Marduk

by Joshua Free
2013 — Year-5 Liber-S
Mesopotamian Prophecies of a New Babylon Rising: Secrets of King Nebuchadnezzar. The Mardukite translation of the wisdom and prophecies of the Babylonian Priestess: Shayaha, also known as Sajaha-the-Seer.


A Complete Guide for the Modern Vampire
by Joshua Free
2017 — The Anthology – V1+V2
Two underground classics return! Collected works from “The Vampyre’s Bible: Moroi Book of V” and “The Cybernomicon” by Joshua Free together in one volume for the first time ever! The complete rites and teachings of the Moroii ad Vitam Paramus: a “Living Vampyre” tradition!

True Necromancy for the Cyber Generation: The Future of Dark Arts & Forbidden Sciences

by Joshua Free
2016 — Liber V2
Mystics and Magicians demonstrate an upper hand in life by manifesting their will and finding themselves in synchronistic circumstances that seem magical. Understanding energy fields, their interactions and its affect on perceived reality is what makes this possible.

vampbibethum THE VAMPYRE’S BIBLE (Revised)
A Guide for the Children of Night

by Joshua Free
2015 — The Dark Covenant! – Liber V
Here is REAL vampyrism at your fingertips–Legacies of “true” Darksiders; from Lilith and Cain in ancient Mesopotamia to “Goths” and futurist CyberVamps. Drink the blood of our traditions, magical theory, Egyptian practices, energy work, dark mysticism, and ethical Moroi techniques of “astral feeding.”


The Babylonian Mardukite Grimoire

by Joshua Free

2009 — Year-1 Liber-N+
A masterpiece of Mesopotamian Mardukite Magick and Spirituality — an abridged Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible drawn from the first four volumes of the Year-1 Mardukite Core, commercially reissued as a paperback nostalgia edition of the original classic compact edition volume.

Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows

by Joshua Free
2010 — Year-2 Liber-R
Discover the real truth about the Necronomicon, H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition and the secret ‘alien forces’ behind the occult, driving human history from the shadows.

crossingabyss2017fullcvrcropsml CROSSING TO THE ABYSS
Secrets of the Simon Necronomicon

by Joshua Free
2012 — Year-4 Liber 555
Shrouded in doom and gloom, contrasting the “Cthulhu Mythos”, who may have developed the title — Necronomicon — for his literary cycle, but the book presented by editor Simon is anything but fantasy. It is instead an allusion to a very real, though fragmented, “Mardukite” Babylonian Anunnaki Tradition, a system that once dominated the prehistoric and ancient world before the rise of the Greeks, Romans and even Egyptians!


magansmall MAGAN MAGIC
Sumerian Religion & The Babylonian Tablets of Creation (Enuma Eliš)

by Joshua Free
2011 — Year-3 Liber E
The Magan Text… The Enuma Elis… Access the fundamental basis for mystical, magical and spiritual traditions of Ancient Mesopotamia! Cuneiform tablet records of magic are collected here to reconstruct the oldest, most powerful “magician’s primer” known to humanity

maqluthumb MAQLU MAGIC
Sumerian Sorcery & The Dark Arts of Babylon

by Joshua Free
2011 — Year-3 Liber M
The Maqlu Tablets… An authentic and complete spellbook or grimoire of Mesopotamian Magic dedicated to Enki, Marduk and Samas (Shammash). Magicians and priests have used this text over thousands of years for psychic warfare, reversing evil spell effects, and conjuring protection and blessings of the ‘gods’!

beyondishtarfrontimg BEYOND THE ISHTAR GATE
Sumerian Religion, Babylonian Witchcraft & The Underworld

by Joshua Free
2011 — Year-3 Liber C
To the Beyond… By whatever names it has been given, this ‘advanced’, ‘esoteric’ or ‘inner circle’ work contains a glimpse of the Other Side. The highest mysticism – the Great Work – is considered ‘divine communication’ by some, or ‘trafficking with the devil’ to others. Understanding the twilight dimension of death completes corporeal education.


enochianmagic2017cropsmall ENOCHIAN MAGIC & THE KABBALAH
Summoning Angels, Aliens, UFOs & Divine Encounters

by Joshua Free
2012 — Year-4 Liber K
Joshua Free brings together knowledge of the ancient “Ladder of Lights” — the BAB.ILI system — the original “Tree of Life” (‘kabbalah’) found on ancient renderings and its connections to the later Judeo-Christian traditions and the evolution of human understanding of “Anunnaki”, “Igigi” and other sky-beings into the Hebrew renderings of the “Nephilim”, “Anakim”, “Elohim” and the like.


The Archaic History & Development of Babylonian-Akkadian Tablet Writing (A Dictionary of Cuneiform Signs)

by Joshua Free
2012 — Year-5 Liber-I
The most comprehensive, practical, concise and economical guide to cuneiform writing, Sumerian language and its refined Akkadian use in Babylon, finally released to the public by the world renown Mardukite Research Organization.


Self-Initiation into Druidic Tradition

by Joshua Free — (D1,D2,D3)
SECOND EDITION “ANTHOLOGY” — the most comprehensive course in Druid magic, metaphysics and secret wisdom, designed for both novice and adept alike by prolific writer, Joshua Free. Come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the ‘secret knowledge’ of Druids including the full text from “The Book of Elven Faerie,” “Draconomicon” and “Druidry.”

The Secrets of Dragon Kings, Druids, Wizards & The Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D1)
A revolutionary exploration into the Elven Way, Celtic Faerie Tradition and Danubian Druidism — such as never seen before. Drawing from hundreds of sources, a complete Elven-Faerie tradition is compiled for the first time. Includes two grimoires bringing magic and enchantment of nature, the elemental world, astral plane and woodlands to life!

draconomicon20thfullcvrcrip DRACONOMICON
History, Magick and Traditions of Dragons, Druids and the Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D2)
Discovering the wisdom & power of the dragon has never been easier. Come and initiate yourself to the Great Mysteries and venture on a journey beginning in the primordial depths of the primeval abyss of the “Great Universal Dragon” and following through millennium of ageless mysteries into the present age… and the future!

druidry15thannivthumb THE BOOK OF DRUIDRY
Wisdom of Dragon Kings, Druids, Wizards and the Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D3)
Venture deep into folds of the Green World and initiate yourself to the greatest of the Celtic Mysteries – the Wisdom of the Druids! Explore the deep teachings of Druidic Lore, including core doctrines, Bardic triad teachings, natural philosophy, construction and use of ritual tools for performance of ceremonial magic dedicated to trees and Nature and more.


PHERYLLT_pb_cvr_frontcrop PHERYLLT (Vol. 1)
A Modern Guide to the First Systematizers of the Ancient Celts & The Pre-Druidic Religion

edited by Joshua Free — (P1)
We have been given little in classical literature or even antiquarian druidism to satisfy hunger for Pheryllt (pronounced FAIR-ee-llt or VAIR-ult) research, and even less to support an indepth critique of their founder, a figure named Pharaon – translated by some scholars to mean ‘higher powers’. “–So Ceridwen took to the crafts of the Book of Pheryllt to boil a cauldron of Awen.” Perhaps it is ‘Druid Craft’ to call down ‘higher powers’ to conjure inspiration and magic – perhaps that is what Ceridwen is doing in the famous reference above. In either case, it has spawned an entire branch of modern druid methodology and a natural universalist philosophy — even if only in spirit.

heryllt2pbcvrcrop PHERYLLT (Vol. 2)
Secrets of the Ogham: The 21 Leaves of Druid Wisdom from the Book of Ogma Sun-Face

edited by Joshua Free — (P2)
Trees are an inseparable icon to the Druidic archetype and they are central to this second volume of the Fferyllt series. The Seeker is led into deep forests of woodland mystery wherein lies the Great Magical Arcanum, initiation to the Divine Secrets of the Universe hidden within the runes of twenty-one Keys – the OGHAM – the secret language and alphabet of the woods.


The Magick of Merlyn Stone: A Complete Grimoire
(20th Anniversary Edition)

by Joshua Free
THE “HANDBOOK” — Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the underground classic “Sorcerer’s Handbook of Merlyn Stone” returns after thousands of copies have reached circulation coupled with “The Lost Books of Merlyn Stone”, making this “Sorcerer’s Handbook” a complete collected works anthology of Merlyn Stone. Now you can master the powers of magick with a book that has changed the world, launching hundreds of traditions in over a decade!

The Complete Guide to Systems of Magick &
Unification of the Metaphysical Universe
(10th Anniversary Edition)

by Joshua Free
THE “TEXTBOOK” — The most comprehensive course in magick and metaphysics for both novice and adept alike. Prolific writer, Joshua Free has developed a revolutionary literary contribution presented in a uniquely non-linear structure that naturally adapts and evolves to a seeker’s needs. Now, come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the harmonic unification of ‘secret knowledge’ that has received many labels throughout the ages: magick, occult, esoteric, pseudo-scientific and now, even quantum.

The Great Magical Arcanum in Two Volumes
(10th Anniversary Edition)

by Joshua Free
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the single volume edition (also available), Joshua Free’s classic ARCANUM materials are now more accessible than ever — available in installments as a two volume edition set. And here is Volume One!

The Great Magical Arcanum in Two Volumes
(10th Anniversary Edition)

by Joshua Free
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the single volume edition (also available), Joshua Free’s classic ARCANUM materials are now more accessible than ever — available in installments as a two volume edition set. And here is Volume Two!


The Fundamentals of Existence

by Joshua Free
A Universal System NexGen Beginner’s Guide… The 2013 revised edition of the original Mardukite-Systemology-101 Right Way to NexGen Life-Mastery Series from the Mardukite Research Organization & the NexGen Systemological Society including: Human, More Than Human (S1), Defragnentation (S2), TransHuman Generations (S3), The Games & Players (S4)

From Self-Mastery to World Leadership

by Joshua Free
A Universal System Developer’s Guide to Operating the Human Condition… The powerful presentation of the ‘Systemology of Reality‘, drawing from a 6,000 year old well-spring of ‘Mystery School‘ teachings, philosophy, religion and science, this ‘New’ groundbreaking ‘holistic‘ approach to Life, the Universe and Everything; the ultimate wide-angle view of understanding beyond fragmented systems of knowledge and belief. “It’s not a question of what you are seeing but why you are seeing it…


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