The Legendary Books and Tomes of Magick edited by Joshua Free

Akkadian, Ancient Near East, Anunnaki, Arcane Tablets, Babylonian, Celtic, Chaldean, Dragon Legacy, Druidism, Elven, Enochian, Faerie, Great Magickal Arcanum, Illuminati, Mardukite Zuism, Mesopotamia, Metahumanism, Necronomicon, Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, Pheryllt, Sorcerer’s Handbook, Sumerian, Systemology, Vampyre Moroii ad Vitam, Witchcraft & more!

WELCOME to the official Mardukite Esoteric Research Library Archives. Complete your collection with these links to the most current editions published. Check “Liber” codes when making selections; single titles are frequently republished in anthologies.

complete mardukite master course academy of systemology joshua freecomplete mardukite master course academy of systemology joshua free THE COMPLETE MARDUKITE MASTER COURSE
Keys to the Gates of Higher Understanding

Master Edition – Hardcover
based on the lectures by Joshua Free
Liber-MMC, Grades-I,II+III

Now YOU can experience the Legendary “Master Course” from anywhere in the Universe, exactly as given in-person by Joshua Free to the “Mardukite Academy of Systemology” in September 2020 at Borsippa HQ. Over 800 pages of material collected in this volume provide a serious Seeker with full transcripts to all 48 Academy Lectures of the “Mardukite Master Course” combined with all course outlines, supplements and critical handouts from the original “Instructor’s Manual” — making this book the most complete definitive single-source compilation of “New Age” understanding and “Spiritual” technologies ever presented openly to the world.
Mardukite Academy Complete Grades-I,II,III Master Course Textbook
(Course Lectures also available on Audio-CD.)

A Source Book of Esoteric Archaeology

Deluxe Edition – Hardcover
edited by Joshua Free
Liber-N,L,G,9,W,M+S (anthology)

A masterpiece of Mesopotamian history and spirituality, providing a complete Sumerian & Babylonian tablet collection in one volume, composing in itself — a ‘bible’ — the predecessor and basis of civilization and religion thereafter. Join thousands of others who have discovered this amazing NexGen resource! Newcomer? Wondering where to start? The ‘Mardukite Core’ begins with this book.

Necronomicon: The Complete Anunnaki Legacy (Hardcover) by Joshua Free NECRONOMICON
The Complete Anunnaki Legacy

Master Edition – Hardcover

collected works by Joshua Free
Liber-N, L, G, 9, I, M, S, W, 50, 51, R, 555, E, K, T, S-1Y+MMC-IIB

The Ultimate NECRONOMICON of the 21st Century! The complete 15 VOLUME research and discovery library developed by the Mardukite Chamberlains–including three anthologies, “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible”, “Gates of the Necronomicon”, “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Grimoire” and “The Anunnaki Tarot”–with additional bonus materials, all in ONE LEGENDARY TOME!
Mardukite Academy Complete Grade-II Anthology

The Anunnaki Bible

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

edited by Joshua Free
Liber-N,L,G,9,W,M+S (anthology)
A masterpiece of Mesopotamian history and spirituality, providing a complete Sumerian & Babylonian tablet collection in one volume, composing in itself — a ‘bible’ — the predecessor and basis of civilization and religion thereafter. Join thousands of others who have discovered this amazing NexGen resource! Newcomer? Wondering where to start? The ‘Mardukite Core’ begins with this book. (Also available as “The Complete Anunnaki Bible.”)

The Secret Anunnaki Tradition of Babylon

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

edited by Joshua Free
Liber-50,51,R+555 (anthology)
Sumerian secrets and Mesopotamian mysteries are revealed in the first complete guide to to Babylonian “Mardukite” tradition. An anthology of arcane history, mystical theory and esoteric practices spanning thousands of years. Contains four discourses released as: “The Sumerian Legacy” (a.k.a. “Sumerian Religion”), “Sumerian Traditions” (a.k.a. “Babylonian Myth & Magic”), “Necronomicon Revelations” and “Crossing to the Abyss.” The definitive follow-up companion to the Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible.

A Manual of Practical Babylonian Magick

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

edited by Joshua Free
Liber-E,W,Z,M+K (anthology)
The final volume of the original Mardukite Core “Necronomicon Trilogy” series. Raw Power. Real Magic. Primordial. Nearly Forgotten… The path of true Babylonian magic is a spiritual dedication to the Sumerian Anunnaki, a path once seemingly inaccessible–beyond our reach and understanding. Rediscover the most ancient magical system on earth, secretly recorded on cuneiform tablets thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia… Includes revised and rewritten materials from “Magan Magic: the Enuma Elish, ” “The Complete Book of Marduk by Nabu,” “The Maqlu Ritual Book” and “Enochian Magic & the Kabbalah.” (Also available as “Practical Babylonian Magic.”)

Novem Portis: Necronomicon Reveltions and Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, Joshua Free NOVEM PORTIS
Necronomicon Revelations & Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Discover the secret influence of the Sumerian Anunnaki and the origins of all physical and metaphysical systems born from the Mesopotamian Mystery Tradition that directly led to Babylonian religion–a unique combination of Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Yezidic and Persian lore existing at the heart of the past century of underground occult traditions of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Novem Portis: Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, and the millions of people who have read–or even used–Simon’s Necronomicon.

édition française 

French Edition – Paperback

édité par Joshua Free
traduit de l’anglais par David Zibert
Liber-N,L,G+W (anthologie)
Cette anthologie regroupe les ouvrages précédemment publiés sous les titres Le Necronomicon du nouveau millénaire, Les Liturgies du Necronomicon, Le Grimoire du nouveau millénaire et Le Livre de Marduk par Nabu, disponibles séparément. Cette présentation du Necronomicon est une série de textes antiques provenant du Proche-Orient ancien, principalement de l’ancienne Babylone, témoignant de l’évolution de la tradition dite Mardukite — un nom provenant de celui du dieu national de Babylone, Marduk, fils d’Enki.

Introducing the Anunnaki Gods of Mesopotamian Neopaganism

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Sumerian secrets and mysteries of Mesopotamia are revealed to all in the original classic guide to esoteric archaeology concerning the Babylonian Anunnaki in “Mardukite” tradition. An amazing breakthrough in historical analysis and practical metaphysics of the Ancient Near East accessible to anyone with any background, revealing amazing insights just as relevant and critical today as thousands of years ago!

The Cuneiform Scriptures

Premiere Edition – Hardcover (Abridged)

edited by Joshua Free
The “original” Anunnaki Bible separating “prehistory” from “history”–collecting the most ancient writings on the planet from Babylonian sources in Mesopotamia. Here is the recovery and incorporation of wisdom from the Ancient Near East into a modern tradition of Babylonian Neopaganism, a New Standard Zuist Edition of the classic text abridged from “The Complete Anunnaki Bible” and edited specially for the Church of Mardukite Zuism. (Also available in paperback.)

A Pocket Anunnaki Devotional Companion to Babylonian Prayers & Rituals

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

edited by Joshua Free
Mardukite Liber-W+Z

The long-lost translated cuneiform tablet collection, revealing secret underground methods to acquire direct communication with what some call “alien intelligences” via a program of ancient-styled Babylonian-inspired devotion, reviving the same techniques as ancient Mardukite priests of the Sumerian Anunnaki in Mesopotamia. This edition also includes materials from the “Book of Zagmuk by Nabu” and other enhancements.

A Pocket Companion to Babylonian Exorcisms, Banishing Rites & Protective Spells

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

edited by Joshua Free

A collector’s edition of a long-lost translated cuneiform tablet collection revealing the most ancient and complete guide to Babylonian spiritual and magical protection spells, exorcisms rites, and banishing rituals–right from the heart of Mesopotamia as used by Mardukite priests, priestesses and magicians of Sumerian Anunnaki tradition.

A Master Course in Druidry for Modern Druids

Master Edition – Hardcover

collected works by Joshua Free
The Ultimate book of Druidry and Druidism for all Druids in the 21st Century! Collected works by Joshua Free spanning 25 years, a quarter of a century! This anthology includes all materials from “Druid’s Handbook”, “Elvenomicon” (Book of Elven-Faerie, Elven-Faerie Grimoire, Elven Forest Grimoire), “Draconomicon”, “Pantheisticon”, the original “Pheryllt Researches” notebooks and a special Mardukite Master Course appendix for “The Route of Druidism” all in ONE AMAZING VOLUME!
Mardukite Academy Complete Grade-I Route-D Anthology

Elvenomicon -or- Secret Traditions of Elves and Faeries by Joshua Free ELVENOMICON -or- SECRET TRADITIONS OF ELVES AND FAERIES
The Book of Elven Magick & Druid Lore

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
Make your passage into Faerie as you discover the mysteries contained within this revolutionary and controversial underground classic by Joshua Free, revealing for the first time to the mortal world, a uniquely beautiful, authentic and complete guide to ancient Elven-Faerie Druidic Tradition, newly revised to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the original “Book of Elven-Faerie.”

Ancient Magick for a New Age

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free / Merlyn Stone
Authentic Druidism is alive! Come venture into the deepest folds of the Green World, enter the Sacred Grove and initiate yourself to the greatest Celtic Mystery Tradition – the Wisdom of the Druids! Discovering true Druidic wisdom of these ancient legendary woodland mystics has never been clearer for our times! A revised reissue of the “Merlyn Stone” long-lost classic that has circulated in the underground for over two decades!

The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free / Merlyn Stone
Here be Dragons! Behold the ultimate “Book of the Dragon” for modern magick-users and fantasy enthusiasts alike – now completely revised and expanded for its 25th anniversary reissue. This underground cult-classic “Draconomicon” offers powerful teachings and lore of ancient “dragon magick” and its timeless legacy. This was the first underground book ever released by Joshua Free, while writing as “Merlyn Stone” in 1995, almost three years before publishing “The Sorcerer’s Handbook.”

A Master Course in Magick for Modern Wizards

Master Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
The most comprehensive course in magick and metaphysics for both novice and adept alike. Prolific writer, Joshua Free has developed a revolutionary literary contribution presented in a uniquely non-linear structure that naturally adapts and evolves to a seeker’s needs. Initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the harmonic unification of ‘secret knowledge’ known by many labels throughout the ages: magick, occult, esoteric, pseudo-scientific and now, even quantum. Nearly 1,000 pages! This new edition even includes the material from “The Sorcerer’s Handbook” as its introduction.
Mardukite Academy Complete Grade-I Route-A Anthology

Sorcerer's Handbook Practical Magick Merlyn Stone Joshua Free Hardcover THE SORCERER’S HANDBOOK
A Complete Guide to Practical Magick

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free / Merlyn Stone
Discover the power of magick with “a book that changed the world,” telling it all without the usual occult jargon. After sparking advancement on the “magickal path” for thousands of seekers in over two decades, the original underground classic bestseller by Joshua Free writing as “Merlyn Stone” in the 1990’s, returns, revised and reissued, for a special hardcover 21st Anniversary Collector’s Edition presentation. This material may also be found in “The Great Magickal Arcanum.”

A Complete Grimoire of Witchcraft

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free (Merlyn Stone) & Rowen Gardner
Once intended a sequel to “The Sorcerer’s Handbook” by Joshua Free while writing as “Merlyn Stone” in the 1990’s, his “notebooks” composing the historically legendary “1998 Book of Shadows” – and eventually “The Witch’s Handbook” – were originally only released privately to members of his own Coven operating in Colorado, and select groups he networked with, during a peak period of development for the modern “New Age.” Never before available to the public in over two decades.

Vampyre's Handbok, Moroi Bible, Cybernomicon THE VAMPYRE’S HANDBOOK
Secret Rites of Modern Vampires

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
To realize that we are more than Human and actualize this state of Awareness has been the ultimate goal of all magical, mystical and spiritual pursuits since the dawn of time. It is perhaps no more blatantly represented and recognized than in one of the most superior occult archetypes ever to emerge: The Vampyre. This special edition combines materials from both “The Vampyre’s Bible” and “Cybernomicon” representing the complete Outer Court (public) manual for Moroii ad Vitam Paramus founded in 2015 by Mardukite Alumni.

Unlocking True Power of the Human Spirit & The Highest State of Knowing and Being

Master Edition – Hardcover

collected works by Joshua Free
The most complete collection of practical “NexGen” teachings and techniques drawn directly from the secret knowledge and wisdom of Arcane Tablets of the Ancient Mystery School. We are standing at the cusp of a true “New Age” for humanity–standing in witness to the dawning light on the horizon of a Crystal Age. Here is the definitive textbook for reaching the highest state of knowing and being, a first of its kind, including: “Tablets of Destiny,” “Crystal Clear,” “Mardukite Zuism,” “The Power of Zu,” all materials from “Systemology: Original Thesis” and as an additional bonus: critical materials excerpted from a specially designed Mardukite Master Course for achieving the greatest success on “The Pathway to Self-Honesty.”
Mardukite Academy Complete Grade-III Anthology

Tablets of Destiny by Joshua Free THE TABLETS OF DESTINY
Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential

Premiere Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-One
Here is the first ever public demonstration of secret knowledge and wisdom drawn from the legendary cuneiform relics, far surpassing any previous academic interpretation of ancient artifacts available. Here is the result of one man’s quest for the “magic” behind the “magic” a rediscovery of the original system of perfecting the Human Condition on a Pathway which leads to Infinity. Here is a new map on which to chart the future spiritual evolution of all humanity!

The Self-Actualization Manual & Guide to Total Awareness

Premiere Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-2B
Take control of your destiny and chart the first steps toward your own personal spiritual evolution. Realize new potentials for the Human Condition in Self-Honesty. Reclaim the freedom of the spirit and achieve Ascension in this lifetime with a manual of techniques and teachings so profound, that its effectiveness has been deemed “Crystal Clear.” The first practical guide allowing anyone to apply the basic spiritual technology of Mardukite Systemology to improve everyday life.

Piloting the Course to Homo Novus

Premiere Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-Two

In this powerful sequel to Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential, Joshua Free presents a revolutionary professional course in advanced spiritual technology for Mardukite Systemologists to “Pilot” the way to higher ideals that can free us from the Human Condition and return ultimate command and control of creation to the Spirit. This volume includes all materials distributed to the Systemology Grade-IV Professional Piloting Flight School in Spring-Summer 2020

Systemology: The Original Thesis by Joshua Free SYSTEMOLOGY – THE ORIGINAL THESIS
An Introduction to 21st Century New Thought


by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-S1X
The founding NexGen milestone to advancing ancient research and discovery of applied spiritual philosophies for the future of humanity. Includes four original discourses used to launch the original “Systemological Society” a decade ago, first released to the underground as: “Human, More Than Human” “Systemology: Defragmentation” “Systemology for Life: Patterns & Cycles” and “Transhuman Generations.”

The Power of ZU by Joshua Free THE POWER OF ZU
Keys to Increasing Control of the Radiant Energy in Everyday Life

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-S1Z

A unique introductory course on Mardukite Systemology, including transcripts from a special three-day lecture series given by Joshua Free at a conference in December 2019 to launch independent study programs by the International School of Systemology and Mardukite Zuism in time for the 2020’s. These transcripts coincide with the original audio recordings (available on YouTube) and are introduced with an extensive essay by Reed Penn concerning the Sumerian word “ZU.”

Truth Seeker’s Adventure Journal

Mardukite Systemology Grade III-IV
developed by Joshua Free
The ultimate spiritual adventure of the true Self, or Alpha Spirit, undertaken during this lifetime is a journey deserving of a specialized journal, whereby a Seeker may record experiences and chart progress toward their ultimate goal of Beingness. This companion coincides with Self-Processing introduced in Tablets of Destiny and Crystal Clear (Grade-III) — and it may even be used for continuing work found in Metahuman Destinations and Liber-3D (Grade-IV).

Secrets of the Ages for the Learned


originally written by John Toland
edited and annotated by Joshua Free
The Mystical Classic Hermetic Philosophy Secret Society Handbook on External and Internal Doctrines of the Ancients returns for a modern edition of the work by John Toland, a key figure at the inception of the present Druidic Revival in the early 1700’s. We celebrate with
its 300th Anniversary “Tercentenary Esoteric Edition” revised and enhanced by prodigious mystic and scholar, Joshua Free.

A Complete Druid Source Book

edited by Joshua Free
foreword by Douglas Monroe
published by Kima Global Books
A realization of legendary proportions, delivering the virtually impossible – a complete collection of esoteric Pheryllt fragments scattered across history gathered together into a single coherent source, now accessible to all modern Druid practitioners for the first time ever! Here is Joshua Free’s recension of the Pheryllt trilogy in one volume!

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  18. John

    A question about your lastest book “The Book of Pheryllt: A Complete Druid Source Book”: since I already have the Pheryllt trilogy, what is different in the newest book? Does the new edition have addtional material?

    • The three volume version previously released by the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press over a period of years went out of print and are no longer available economically.

      The new version simply compiles all three books into one for publication by a third party, Kima Global, which also published Douglas Monroe’s third and final book, Deepteachings of Merlyn.

      The new 3-in-1 version includes the same materials as the three volumes with one exception: a two page foreword provided by Douglas Monroe himself.

      Thank you for your continued interest in our work.

  19. Taylor Reink

    Alsonwhats the difference between the black book and the other Joshua free necronomicon

    • “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible” includes all of the TABLET materials that went into the original Research anthology of the Mardukite Chamberlains, used as a core sourcebook since 2010.

      “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Legacy” includes the ABOVE but also ALL of the supplemental research and publications that went along with it as developed by the Mardukites during a decade-long pursuit.

      If you can manage it in one swoop, the Legacy edition contains 3x the material of the first book.

  20. Elroy Danu

    Concerning one of your writings: Secrets of the Sumerian Language

    A reviewer on Amazon said that though this was a good book it didn’t have any pictures. But in the description it reads, “Over 500 illustrated ‘easy-to-read’ cuneiform signs!”. Can someone help me? Are there illustrated cuneiform signs in this book or not? One reviewer even said that he didn’t read it, but just based on the title alone, this isn’t a serious book on Sumerian, because he’s studied it in school and Sumerian has no secrets. I thought I’d try and figure this out before making a purchase and then having to return it due to disappointment.

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