Why You Keep Coming Back to Earth: How To Be Free of the ‘Matrix’ and Reclaim Your True Spiritual Power

The Way Out. Hidden for 6000 Years. But now we have the Key.
by Joshua Free
Summon and Invoke, Command and Control,
the Most Powerful Spirit to Ever Exist.
Ascend Beyond Physical Existence, Fly Across All Gateways Freely,
Go Back to When it All Began and
Reclaim that Personal Universe Where the Spirit once called Home.

A true understanding of “Mardukite Systemology” reveals a basic underlying pattern back of all existence:
—Whether a Cell – or a Solar System;
—Whether an Atom – or a Galaxy;
—Whether a single Life – or entire Universe Dimensions.

Examining systems — in Self-Honesty — for its parts, we certify that “bodies” and “minds” exist, but are also separable from each other; and neither one is the Spirit.

“I” as Self is purely“I-AM” and not actually identifiable as a Body or even a Mind.

Yet, no matter what is said religiously or philosophically in passing, an individual still tends to “believe” that they are one, identifying Spirit with the Human Condition — thinking, acting, even “looking” out in the world while identifying Self exclusively with a viewpoint and its “lens” of perception… and additional fragmentation ensues.

the most highly anticipated publication by Joshua Free since the public reboot of Systemology in 2019…

The Gateway to Higher Universes

(A Grimoire for the Human Spirit)
Premiere Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-3D


Joshua Free’s IMAGINOMICON demonstrates true actualized command of a Mind-System, and control of a Body, as operated from “outside of” those Systems — because you were never Human — and not from an interior viewpoint that has been encoded, programmed or otherwise conditioned to entrap Awareness of the Spirit.

An exterior position to material existence (and its systems) is the most optimum; not only to better handle the Human Condition in this Physical Universe, but also as a Master Key to unlock realizations that make experiencing “Higher Universes” potentially possible. IMAGINOMICON describes “The Way Out” as never before realized in human history — and perhaps just in time to assist humanity in reaching its highest spiritual destiny.

“During this transitional period of Human history, returning an individual’s Awareness to its true ‘Alpha’ state is my ultimate goal with the present and future work of Mardukite Systemology.”
–Joshua Free


A large circuit of global readers has awaited publication of “Wizard Level” work since the organization and announcement of a “Mardukite Grade” structure two years ago, codifying all works released by Joshua Free since 1995 and demonstrating their proper “position” on a gradient “Ladder” or “Pathway” of personal development, which echoes the most ancient seven-fold system of Initiation toward Ascension. Where magick and mysticism and Druidry is treated at Grade-I; the Route-of-Mesopotamia at Grade-II; a successful completion of a Grade-III presentation of Mardukite Systemology did not occur until 2019, with the publication of The Tablets of Destiny and Crystal Clear — both of which appear in the complete Grade-III anthology, The Systemology Handbook.

The Systemology Society has dedicated the last year and a half to developing a standard for Grade-IV Metahuman Systemology and inception of “Wizard Level-0” — from which future development up the Ladder is now possible!

IMAGINOMICON demonstrates a realization of Wizard Level-0 goals, achieved with the very first complete systematic defragmentation procedure outline that an individual Seeker can apply by themselves or with a Pilot.

This special premiere hardcover edition of Joshua Free’s IMAGINOMICON also includes two supplemental Basic Courses, providing newcomers and returning Seekers with a newly revised concise summary of Systemology to date, including vocabulary, diagrams and suggestions for effective use of this applied spiritual philosophy from our Mardukite New Thought division, The Systemology Society.

Read the original press release HERE.

For the First Time Ever!

Precise instructions, definitions and references guide an advanced Seeker up the Pathway and through the Gates!


In IMAGINOMICON by Joshua Free, go beyond traditional New Age ideas of “astral work” or “mental travel” and even techniques dependent on “energetic” bodies. Here, a Seeker gains certainty on conscious abilities to knowingly separate Self (as Spirit) from the Human Condition and Physical Universe and experience existence independent of any Mind-Body System, material or otherwise.

For the first time outside the Mardukite Office and private instruction, Joshua Free provides Grade-IV Wizard Level-0 training in published form, fully exploring the Gateway bridging Physical and Spiritual Universes; and including nearly 100 exercises and suggestions to practice ability to manage freely crossing the threshold between existences — succeeding where other paths failed in reaching beyond boundaries of their own paradigms of traditional semantics, misunderstood mysticism and conventional spirituality; libraries filled with magical correspondences, obscure symbols and outdated methods carrying poorly duplicated messages — none of which have actually brought Seekers any closer to truly “breaking free from the Matrix.

…isn’t it time someone demonstrated how to clean up the fragmented pieces and put Self back together in wholeness?



complete mardukite master course academy of systemology joshua freecomplete mardukite master course academy of systemology joshua free

Keys to the Gates of Higher Understanding

Master Edition – Hardcover
based on the lectures by Joshua Free
Liber-MMC, Grades-I,II+III

Now YOU can experience the Legendary “Master Course” from anywhere in the Universe, exactly as given in-person by Joshua Free to the “Mardukite Academy of Systemology” in September 2020 at Borsippa HQ. Over 800 pages of material collected in this volume provide a serious Seeker with full transcripts to all 48 Academy Lectures of the “Mardukite Master Course” combined with all course outlines, supplements and critical handouts from the original “Instructor’s Manual” — making this book the most complete definitive single-source compilation of “New Age” understanding and “Spiritual” technologies ever presented openly to the world.
Mardukite Academy Complete Grades-I,II,III Master Course Textbook

(The manufacturers of this limited edition of Master Course Lectures will be putting our Audio-CD versions out of print after June 5 2021.)

Mardukite Esoteric Research Library 2020 Master Editions
published from the Joshua Free Imprint
(Complete Grade-I through Grade-III Mardukite Academy Textbooks)
the perfect editions to supplement
The Complete Mardukite Master Course


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