A Way Out of the ‘Matrix’ for the Human Spirit using Most Powerful Grimoire Ever…

The Way Out. Hidden for 6000 Years. But now we have the Key.
A Grimoire to Summon and Invoke, Command and Control, the Most Powerful Spirit to Ever Exist.
Ascend Beyond Physical Existence, Fly Across All Gateways Freely, Go Back to When it All Began and
Reclaim that Personal Universe Where the Spirit once called Home.

The Gateway to Higher Universes

(A Grimoire for the Human Spirit)
Premiere Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-3D


All Creation, Space, Life, Universes and Everything in between — whether apparent in physical existence or not — operates as “Systems.”

These subjects often give the impression of being too vast, complex or irrelevant to daily life to really “know” about; or else we are told they cannot be known with certainty, remaining matters of opinion, such as alternate realities, cosmic evolution, metahuman, the Mind — and yes, contemporary traditional methods in present society still have no handle on the Spirit, the only “thing” which every one of us actually is.

The truth is that we can know about these things; and not because of advancements in physical sciences, but because we all play a role creating things to know about for any Universe we are present. We simply agree to forget, then assign all responsibility for creation (and power to be at cause) to some “unknown source”; and now we have something to “think on” and “figure out” again, as is the standard way Humans “earn” their knowledge.

Break free from the Matrix ; command the Mind and control the Body from outside those systems — because you were never human — fully realize what it truly means to be a spiritual being, then rise up through the Gateways to Higher Universes and BE.


Examining systems — in Self-Honesty — for its parts, we certify that “bodies” and “minds” exist, but are also separable from each other; and neither one is the Spirit. “I” as Self is only “I-AM” and not actually identifiable as a Body or a Mind. Yet, no matter what is said religiously or philosophically in passing, an individual still tends to “believe” that they are one– thinking, acting, even “looking” out in the world while identifying Self exclusively with a viewpoint and its “lens” of perception; and additional fragmentation ensues.

IMAGINOMICON demonstrates true actualized command of a Mind-System, and control of a Body, as operated from “outside of” those Systems, not from an interior viewpoint. This is an optimum position, not only to better handle the Human Condition in this Physical Universe, but also as a Master Key to unlock realizations that make experience of “Higher Universes” potentially possible.

During this transitional period of Human history, returning an individual’s Awareness to its true “Alpha” state is the primary goal.


Wizardry of Joshua Free’s IMAGINOMICON goes beyond New Age ideas of “astral work” or “mental travel” and even techniques dependent on “energetic” bodies. A Seeker gains certainty on conscious abilities to knowingly separate Self (as Spirit) from the Human Condition and Physical Universe and experience existence independent of any Mind-Body System.

IMAGINOMICON provides training necessary to recognize the Gateway bridging Physical and Spiritual Universes; and exercises to practice ability to manage freely crossing the threshold between existences — succeeding here, where other paths have failed to reach beyond the boundaries of their paradigms of traditional mysticism and conventional spirituality; libraries filled with magical correspondences, obscure symbols and outdated methods carrying poorly duplicated messages — none of which have actually brought Seekers any closer to truly “breaking free from the Matrix.”

Creation and experience of “Higher Universes” condensed into more rigidly solid environments; each time imposing more barriers, reducing freedoms and narrowing considerations for what Self is willing (and able) to be, know, do, and have. The IMAGINOMICON by Joshua Free brings a Seeker from being, in effect, a victim of the Physical Universe, up to a certainty of ability to knowingly create from within their own Personal Universe.

The Spirit never stopped existing or creating in a Home Universe; but it agreed to superimpose other creations and considerations as their own. Fragmentation simply causes this unknowing continuous compulsive creation to persist on automatic. Systemology techniques decrease the intensity and energetic charge of “imprints” and “implants” that anchor an individual’s point-of-view and considerations for their own existence to the Physical Universe. After countless lifetimes spent with Awareness scattered in fragmentation…

…isn’t it time someone demonstrated how to clean up the pieces and pull your Self back together in wholeness?


Rather than rely on cultural mythologies, cosmologies and imperfect kabbalahs, Mardukite Systemology goes straight to the source, using Arcane Tablets of Mesopotamia as inspiration to chart an effectively workable course for The Pathway to Self-Honesty. This required several former volumes in this series to detail appropriately, including “Tablets of Destiny,” “Crystal Clear” and “Metahuman Destinations,” while we waited patiently to begin finally delivering the “Wizard Grade” work.

IMAGINOMICON demonstrates a realization of goals achieved with the very first complete defragmentation procedure outline. Precise instructions and references guide a Seeker up the Pathway and through the Gates. This special premiere edition also includes two supplemental Basic Courses, providing newcomers and returning Seekers with a concise summary of Systemology to date, vocabulary, diagrams and advice for effective use as an applied spiritual philosophy.

—Global release on June 22, 2021 (Summer Solstice) to the Mardukite Academy and Systemology Society as Liber-3D, completing the core of Wizard Level-0, Grade-IV Metahuman Systemology.—


Unlocking True Power of the Human Spirit & The Highest State of Knowing and Being

Master Edition – Hardcover

collected works by Joshua Free
The most complete collection of practical “NexGen” teachings and techniques drawn directly from the secret knowledge and wisdom of Arcane Tablets of the Ancient Mystery School. We are standing at the cusp of a true “New Age” for humanity–standing in witness to the dawning light on the horizon of a Crystal Age. Here is the definitive textbook for reaching the highest state of knowing and being, a first of its kind, including: “Tablets of Destiny,” “Crystal Clear,” “Mardukite Zuism,” “The Power of Zu,” all materials from “Systemology: Original Thesis” and as an additional bonus: critical materials excerpted from a specially designed Mardukite Master Course for achieving the greatest success on “The Pathway to Self-Honesty.”
Mardukite Academy Complete Grade-III Anthology

Tablets of Destiny by Joshua Free

Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential

Premiere Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-One
Here is the first ever public demonstration of secret knowledge and wisdom drawn from the legendary cuneiform relics, far surpassing any previous academic interpretation of ancient artifacts available. Here is the result of one man’s quest for the “magic” behind the “magic” a rediscovery of the original system of perfecting the Human Condition on a Pathway which leads to Infinity. Here is a new map on which to chart the future spiritual evolution of all humanity!

The Self-Actualization Manual & Guide to Total Awareness

Premiere Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-2B
Take control of your destiny and chart the first steps toward your own personal spiritual evolution. Realize new potentials for the Human Condition in Self-Honesty. Reclaim the freedom of the spirit and achieve Ascension in this lifetime with a manual of techniques and teachings so profound, that its effectiveness has been deemed “Crystal Clear.” The first practical guide allowing anyone to apply the basic spiritual technology of Mardukite Systemology to improve everyday life.

Piloting the Course to Homo Novus

Premiere Edition – Hardcover
by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-Two

In this powerful sequel to Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential, Joshua Free presents a revolutionary professional course in advanced spiritual technology for Mardukite Systemologists to “Pilot” the way to higher ideals that can free us from the Human Condition and return ultimate command and control of creation to the Spirit. This volume includes all materials distributed to the Systemology Grade-IV Professional Piloting Flight School in Spring-Summer 2020

Systemology: The Original Thesis by Joshua Free

An Introduction to 21st Century New Thought

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-S1X
The founding NexGen milestone to advancing ancient research and discovery of applied spiritual philosophies for the future of humanity. Includes four original discourses used to launch the original “Systemological Society” a decade ago, first released to the underground as: “Human, More Than Human” “Systemology: Defragmentation” “Systemology for Life: Patterns & Cycles” and “Transhuman Generations.”

The Power of ZU by Joshua Free

Keys to Increasing Control of the Radiant Energy in Everyday Life

by Joshua Free
Systemology Liber-S1Z

A unique introductory course on Mardukite Systemology, including transcripts from a special three-day lecture series given by Joshua Free at a conference in December 2019 to launch independent study programs by the International School of Systemology and Mardukite Zuism in time for the 2020’s. These transcripts coincide with the original audio recordings (available on YouTube) and are introduced with an extensive essay by Reed Penn concerning the Sumerian word “ZU.”

Truth Seeker’s Adventure Journal

Mardukite Systemology Grade III-IV
developed by Joshua Free
The ultimate spiritual adventure of the true Self, or Alpha Spirit, undertaken during this lifetime is a journey deserving of a specialized journal, whereby a Seeker may record experiences and chart progress toward their ultimate goal of Beingness. This companion coincides with Self-Processing introduced in Tablets of Destiny and Crystal Clear (Grade-III) — and it may even be used for continuing work found in Metahuman Destinations and Liber-3D (Grade-IV).

Secrets of the Ages for the Learned

originally written by John Toland
edited and annotated by Joshua Free
The Mystical Classic Hermetic Philosophy Secret Society Handbook on External and Internal Doctrines of the Ancients returns for a modern edition of the work by John Toland, a key figure at the inception of the present Druidic Revival in the early 1700’s. We celebrate with
its 300th Anniversary “Tercentenary Esoteric Edition” revised and enhanced by prodigious mystic and scholar, Joshua Free.


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6 responses to “A Way Out of the ‘Matrix’ for the Human Spirit using Most Powerful Grimoire Ever…

  1. Will metahuman destinations and imaginomicion be republished as an anthology volume called something like systemology handbook 2? I currently have the systemology handbook and I like the format.

    • Agreed — the ‘Master Edition’ format is awesome. The short answer is: Yes, Grade-IV material (including ‘Metahuman Destinations’ and ‘Imaginomicon’) will eventually be consolidated into a ‘Master Edition’. There is one more short discourse supplementing that work regarding “ethics” and “action”, which will probably be released this autumn. It is very possible that a ‘Master Edition’ will be available at the end of this year, but it is not yet officially on the docket for the year.

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