Sumerian Proverbs & Babylonian Wisdom: Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Reveal Emphasis on “Truth”


“Whoever partners with Truth, creates Life.” (1)

At the forefront of the ‘Sumerian Proverbs’ [Liber-P] Old Babylonian (Akkadian) cuneiform tablet series is a homage to the universal and ineffable spirit of Truth – that enigmatic force – a driving pursuit at the core of all language arts at the cradle of modern human civilization sciences…

cuneisdgsdg nig-ge-na-ta a-ba in-da-di nam-ti i-u-tu (2)

‘Whoever has walked with truth generates life.’ (3)

Communicating this philosophy to modern minds in English language is difficult. The sentiment carried is greater than to simply say: ‘whoever is true’ or ‘whoever is with truth’. It also does not say ‘whoever is filled with truth’. Whether we adopt the -da/-ta (together with) or -ta[b] (partnered with) interpretation, the implication is that ‘whoever’ is deeply ingrained or ‘bound’ to Truth; it is next to them, it is their companion, or else they have taken it as a friend, forsaking all others that might break that bond.

sumlangthumb I favor this preferred meaning over the original interpretation of having ‘walked with truth’ (impermanent past-tense). I understand the original author/translator meaning to imply the ‘walking with a companion’, but the interpretation seems vague if not misrepresenting the actual Sumerian Lexicon being evoked.


[nig]-ge-na – truth (4)

-da/-ta – beside, in vicinity of, together with (5)

-ta[b] – friends, companion, partner (5)

a-ba – who? / whoever (5)

nam-ti – fate/nam; life/ti (5)

u-tu – to bear ‘children’, give birth to (5)

MesopotamianReligionFrontcrop Given that the word for ‘generating’ or ‘creating’ life given here is the same word meant to imply literal ‘birth-giving’, the romantic interpretation of this proverb is that ‘whoever partners with Truth as a lover’ will ‘give birth to Life’ – they will ‘radiate’ or ‘generate’ a prosperous life. The subject is not simply ‘building’ or ‘constructing’ the life out of preexisting materials but is literally ‘giving birth to’ their existence, life or reality as a result of their union with Truth – living in harmony with observed cosmic forces and thereby manifesting the desired life and result. (6)

(1) Translation of Sumerian Proverb tablet by Joshua Free for “Sumerian Wisdom II” [Liber P] materials, forthcoming sequel to Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies: The Book of Sajaha the Seer edited by Joshua Free, with translation assistance by Khem Juergen. These tablets attempt to preserve Sumerian language proverbs in Old Babylonian (Akkadian) cuneiform script.

(2) Derived from the original “Sumerian Proverbs” collection found in Nippur by the University of Pennsylvania, combined with lines 1-2 of the “GGG” tablet text (catalogue number U.17207-58) excavated from Ur and transliterated for the 1959 edition.


1. nig-ge-na-ta a-ba in-da-[DI]

2. nam-ti ia-u-t[u].

(3) Original translation provided in the “Sumerian Proverbs” museum monograph by Edmund Gordon.

(4) Vocabulary supplement derived from the ‘Sumerian Glossary and Concordance’ for the Gordon “Sumerian Proverbs” museum monograph.

(5) Vocabulary inclusion of student translation is derived from the Mardukite handbook: Secrets of Sumerian Language edited by Joshua Free.

(6) As explained by Edmund Gordon: “…a man who lives in accord with the universally recognized ‘cosmic and immutable truths’ will be able to obtain for himself all the good things in life.”

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