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NEW! (nouveau) Le Necronomicon: (Édition française) (French Edition) Joshua Free & David Zibert

Mardukite NecroGate

Cette anthologie regroupe les ouvrages précédemment publiés sous les titres Le Necronomicon du nouveau millénaire, Les Liturgies du Necronomicon, Le Grimoire du nouveau millénaire et Le Livre de Marduk par Nabu, disponibles séparément. Cette présentation du Necronomicon est une série de textes antiques provenant du Proche-Orient ancien, principalement de l’ancienne Babylone, témoignant de l’évolution de la tradition dite Mardukite — un nom provenant de celui du dieu national de Babylone, Marduk, fils d’Enki.

Le Necronomicon: (Édition française) (French Edition) by Joshua Free and David Zibert prepared for publication by Amanda Shea

Le Necronomicon: (Édition française) (French Edition)

Édité par Joshua Free. Traduit de l’anglais par David Zibert.


L’importance historique de cette tradition, et de son évolution à travers le temps et la géographie apporte, outre sa valeur pédagogique évidente, une véritable clé sur l’état actuel de l’existence humaine et sa prochaine évolution. Chacun de ces textes est agrémenté d’un commentaire initiatique de l’éditeur, Joshua Free, également directeur de l’Organisation de recherche Mardukite, qui cumule plus de 25…

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Complete Master Course in Magick for Wizards; Joshua Free’s “Great Magickal Arcanum” Reaches Public in Hardcover

Mardukite NecroGate

On Samhain (Halloween) 2020, for the first time ever since its underground debut in 2008, THE GREAT MAGICKAL ARCANUMby Joshua Free will be available to the public newly revised and in hardcover!

The ultimate book of Magick for all Magicians, Priestesses and Wizards of the 21st century! Collected writings and research spanning a quarter of a century are combined to present the most complete guide, reference and course curriculum of “magick”—a unification of magical systems and metaphysical knowledge, ancient and modern—a spiritual, mystical and esoteric legacy of legendary renown, surviving from the “Ancient Mystery School” that speaks relevantly to us today. Classic underground materials composing nearly 1000 pages in total are expertly arranged for Truth Seekers in what many consider the definitive “Tome of Magick.”

A long-standing underground literary masterpiece by Joshua Free, this amazing “Master Edition” of THE GREAT MAGICKAL ARCANUM: A MASTER COURSE IN MAGICK FOR MODERN…

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Celebrate Spiritual Independence! Truth About Universes and How You Got Stuck in One (“Now You Know!” by Joshua Free)


We all “know” we are “eternal spirits” entrapped into having these “human experiences”…
—So, isn’t it time you did something about it?

Many esoteric models of universal cosmology and spiritual ascension appear on the timeline of recorded Human history over the past 6,000 years, and the most ancient of these records—the Arcane Tablets—reveal the most simple and complete account of Cosmic History, that which later inspired an entire planet of cultural mythologies, traditions and religious interpretations.

Yet none of these further fragments and facets of the original Crystal that has been dropped on our doorstep ever brought a clearer experience or more perfect understanding than what had come before. As a result, the truth inherent in the simplicity once shared became forgotten and lost to a sea of “symbols” and “representations” that reflected the poorest shadows of a former age—and the Ancient Mystery School was born.

Of course, we just…

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Necronomicon News! Authorized French Translation of Mardukite Liber-L “Liturgy & Lore” Volume Completed

Mardukite NecroGate

Authorized French Mardukite Editions of Grade-II Core

In a continuously changing world, the modern movement of Mardukite Zuism & Systemology demonstrates unique consistency on its own progressive developmental path, newly releasing the latest authorized French language installment of the Grade-II Mardukite Core: Les Liturgies du Nécronomicon: Textes sacrés babyloniens, égyptiens et zoroastriens, the original 2009 classic by Joshua Free first released as “Liber-L” or “Necronomicon Liturgy & Lore” and now translated into the French language by David Zibert, our esteemed Master Instructor for the International School of Mardukite Zuism & Systemology in Canada.

Les liturgies du Nécronomicon (Liber L) est un supplément au livre Le Nécronomicon du nouveau millénaire (Liber N) édité par Joshua Free (Truth Seeker Press 2018) et fait parti du «Cycle du Nécronomicon» ou «Héritage Anunnaki» publié par l’Organisation de recherche Mardukite fondée en 2008 par Joshua Free.

Cet ouvrage continu la présentation amorcée dans Liber…

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New Era of the Crystal Dawn! Mardukite Beltane Gate 2020 (Part Four) – Evolution to Homo Novus, Babylonian Zuism & NexGen Systemology

Mardukite NecroGate

At the original original inception of Joshua Free’s modern Mardukite movement over a decade ago, a lack of specific widespread criteria and materials (such as we now have available) forced many to observe the first “2009 Beltane Gate” operation uniquely on an individual basis–practicing intention-based “rites,” “meditations” or “ceremonial expressions” of their own design: dancers danced, artists created, ceremonialists…ceremonied(?)… but the most important part of it all…

…the world was dedicated and focused together in a combined effort to bring a higher level of realization to global consciousness…

Gate of All Nations …and it was quite successful. At the Mardukite Offices in 2009, the original group of esoteric practitioners still relied on outdated occult sources to base the structure of their practices regarding the Babylonian spiritual-gate system prior to the Mardukite literary developments since produced over the past decade by the Mardukite Research Organization its and “Council of Nabu-Tutu,” a…

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New Era of the Crystal Dawn Begins! Beltane Gate 2020 (Part Two) – Marduk’s StarGates, Mardukite Zuism & Systemology

Mardukite NecroGate

“Following the inception of the modern “Mardukite” movement in 2008, a wide-spread revival of interest in the Anunnaki—and specifically the Babylonian god Marduk—has ensued: as planned, predicted and plotted during synchronized global ritual (intention-based) energetic movements or shifts in mass consciousness. These meditation exercises often coincide with what some call the ‘Beltane Gate’ or ‘Fires of Bel’ festival observed on “May’s Eve” (April 30–May 1), roughly midway between the Spring Equinox (“Akiti”/”Akitu”) and Summer Solstice.”
—Mardukite Liber-E, contained in the “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Grimoire” hardcover or “Practical Babylonian Magic” paperback; also within the hardcover omnibus anthology, “Necronomicon: The Complete Anunnaki Legacy.”


Necronomicon: The Complete Anunnaki Legacy (Master Edition 2020 Hardcover) by Joshua Free Mystic philosopher and prolific esoteric author Joshua Free publicly founded Mardukite Ministries (Mardukite Zuism) on the Summer Solstice of 2008, coinciding with the underground release of “Arcanum”

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FRENCH NECRONOMICON GRIMOIRE RELEASED! Le Grimoire du Nouveau Millénaire: La Magie du Nécronomicon

Mardukite NecroGate

Le Grimoire du Nouveau Millénaire
La Magie du Nécronomicon

Édité par Joshua Free
Traduit de l’anglais par David Zibert

Titre original: “The Necronomicon Gatekeepers Grimoire – Liber G”
Le Grimoire du nouveau millénaire (Liber G) est un supplément au livre Le Nécronomicon du nouveau millénaire (Liber N) édité par Joshua Free (Truth Seeker Press 2018) et fut préparé à l’origine afin d’apporter des éclaircissements jugés nécessaires en lien avec les applications pratiques de l’ancien système magique égypto-babylonien mardukite.

Différents ajouts furent soigneusement sélectionnés spécialement pour cette édition, dont Le livre de Nabu-Tutu provenant à l’origine du discours Necronomicon Liturgy and Lore (Liber L) édité par Joshua Free (Truth Seeker Press 2009) qui témoigne des origines de la tradition hermétique et qui complémente le contenu des Oracles chaldéens attribués à Zoroastre, également inclus, ainsi qu’un appendice empli de clefs additionnelles aidant à l’ouverture des Portails extraites de différents discours…

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Tablets of Destiny – Using Ancient Cuneiform Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential

The Joshua Free Publishing Imprint is proud to present the first official Mardukite Systemology publication:

Tablets of Destiny by Joshua Free THE TABLETS OF DESTINY:
by Joshua Free

Coming Soon in Hardcover (Oct. 31) & Paperback (Nov. 14)!!

There is perhaps no greater enigmatic and potentially powerful facet of Sumerian tradition and Babylonian cuneiform literature than the “Tablet of Destinies”—or “Tablets of Destiny.” Within these pages, Joshua Free presents the first public esoteric knowledge synthesis of wisdom concerning these legendary relics—a presentation far surpassing the scope of any previous academic or scholarly research regarding ancient artifacts and their interpretation.

Elusive lore of the “Tablets of Destiny” constitute the prehistoric heart and soul of Mesopotamian “mythology” and “magic”—to use the most convenient terms applied to its general understanding. But, as a result of these terms, we are offered very little concrete functional or practical knowledge to apply to our lives. Contemporaries in this field are apt to only translate and interpret the “language” of these ancient mysteries, but with little true Self-Honest understanding of what these “words” or “symbols” originally represented to the author that set them down.

In TABLETS OF DESTINY: USING ANCIENT WISDOM TO UNLOCK HUMAN POTENTIAL, Joshua Free essentially maps the highest route to esoteric knowledge—expertly bridging materials from the “Mardukite Core” (Research Library) with the wisdom and latest clarity gleaned by the advanced “NexGen Systemology” New Thought division of the “Mardukite Research Organization.”

Tablets of Destiny by Joshua Free This much anticipated foundation work and public debut of “Mardukite Systemology” provides a concise and accessible guide to the fundamentals of “cosmic ordering” and the “systematization” of the Human Condition, described on cuneiform tablets as “control of the Divine ME” (“may”)—or else, the “Arts of Civilization”—the supreme knowledge and wisdom that commands all true authority of godhood in the heavens and sovereignty on earth.

Actual “Divine” power and wisdom reflected as the TABLETS OF DESTINY appears strongest in our most distant era of the most recent version of human civilization and its inception in the ‘Ancient Near East’. Once collected and united—near the boundaries of Europe, Asia and what we now call the Middle East—it fragmented, then dispersed, throughout the globe in its underground migration as secret doctrines of the “Ancient Mystery School.” To this School, all original spiritual wisdom traditions on earth owe a debt—in spite of the fact that their own cultural pantheistic systems evolved as substandard facsimiles of the aesthetic beauty in true Cosmic Wisdom and holistic perfection reflected in Natural Law that we now know as the “Tablets of Destiny.”

These pages, therefore, represent a milestone step for NexGen humanity toward the total rediscovery and actualization of the original beauty and perfection of Human Potential.

In some instances, a singular clay, stone or metallic specimen represents the iconic or definitive “Tablet of Destiny” relic—Sumerian dub-nam-tar-meš or Akkadian tup šīmāti—as it appears in the most famous spiritual and cosmological teachings of Mesopotamia, particularly the “Enuma Eliš,” or Babylonian Epic of Creation. In other esoteric lore, and in relation to the dispersal (or fragmentation) of a collective body of sacred knowledge, the “Tablet of Destiny”—or what some scholars inappropriately refer to as the Tablet of Destinies—is perhaps only one of seven “Tablets of Destiny”— tuppu šīmāti. This knowledge is regarded as the “Supreme Key” to the Divine “me” (pronounced “may”)—or else the “Arts of Civilization”—used by “gods” and kings to institutionalize a systematization of Human Condition and Reality experience, still in operation after thousands of years.
–Reed Penn, in the Foreword to “Tablets of Destiny”

For nearly a decade these matters of “Mardukite Zuism” and “Mardukite Systemology” remained privately in the domain of an advanced division of the “Mardukite Research Organization” known from its brief public references as the “NexGen Systemological Society” (NSS) governing the new “International School of Systemology” (ISS). This faction has operated in the esoteric underground since 2011, developing a direct extension of the “Mardukite Core” to support research and discovery of continuing work, as it applies to the present state of the Human Condition and its imminent future…


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The Original SORCERER’S HANDBOOK – “Merlyn’s Stone’s” Underground Occult Classic! 1st Time in Hardcover!

Mardukite NecroGate

The classic occult text from the 1990’s New Age underground returns, revised and reissued, by Joshua Free, first writing as Merlyn Stone, in this special 21st anniversary collector’s edition hardcover of:


“A Book That Changed The World…”

…setting the stage, in 1998, for Joshua Free’s future inception of the modern Mardukite movement, Mardukite Druid School and the NexGen Systemological Society!

A “sorcerer” seeks to unlock the secrets of the Universe, questioning human-fashioned truths of the “world” to transcend the animalistic nature of homo ferox—literally “man, the ferocious” as coined in T.H. White’s “Book of Merlyn.” The sorcerer may essentially do and become anything. It is this removal of trust and attention from abstract deities and concepts, placing it rightfully with “Self” that allows such an actualized being to be potentially the most powerful “system” functioning on the planet… and potentially the…

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DRAGON’S EYE : Power Symbols of Ancient Dragon Magick Explained in DRACONOMICON Grimoire

Mardukite NecroGate

Draconomicon: Book of Ancient Dragon Magick (A Grimoire)

“The Dragon Legacy is an important and integral part of the history and traditions of all cultures, and subsequently underlies all cultural magical traditions—not to mention symbols and motifs that lie beneath the development of human civilization as a whole. Nothing is separate…”

Dragon's Eye (small logo)DRACONOMICON: THE BOOK OF ANCIENT DRAGON MAGICK by Joshua Free explores all aspects of “The Dragon,” especially symbols of the Dragon—or Dragon Power—appearing at the root of all global mythologies, worldly systems and even spiritual, religious or mystical beliefs. Dragons represent the cardinal or fundamental base icon of the “Creation” and “Manifestation” that we see all around us in the cosmos, but it is also centrally present in the “shadow” side of reality—the parts we do not readily see, what is not overtly apparent to human eyes…

Draconomicon : Book of Ancient Dragon Magick (25th Anniversary Hardcover) “Draconomicon: The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick” 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Hardcover In commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the…

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