Complete Master Course in Magick for Wizards; Joshua Free’s “Great Magickal Arcanum” Reaches Public in Hardcover

Mardukite NecroGate

On Samhain (Halloween) 2020, for the first time ever since its underground debut in 2008, THE GREAT MAGICKAL ARCANUMby Joshua Free will be available to the public newly revised and in hardcover!

The ultimate book of Magick for all Magicians, Priestesses and Wizards of the 21st century! Collected writings and research spanning a quarter of a century are combined to present the most complete guide, reference and course curriculum of “magick”—a unification of magical systems and metaphysical knowledge, ancient and modern—a spiritual, mystical and esoteric legacy of legendary renown, surviving from the “Ancient Mystery School” that speaks relevantly to us today. Classic underground materials composing nearly 1000 pages in total are expertly arranged for Truth Seekers in what many consider the definitive “Tome of Magick.”

A long-standing underground literary masterpiece by Joshua Free, this amazing “Master Edition” of THE GREAT MAGICKAL ARCANUM: A MASTER COURSE IN MAGICK FOR MODERN…

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