Necronomicon Revelations and Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows returns in Novem Portis Anniversary Edition Collector’s Hardcover

Mardukite NecroGate

Between 2008 and 2018, a team of networked individuals from all over the planet worked diligently as the “Mardukite Chamberlains” (or “Mardukite Research Organization”)—along with its “Council of Nabu-Tutu” (operating as a global epicenter of “Mardukite Ministries” and “Mardukite Zuism”)—to produce an internal esoteric library that met the standards of our own purposes. Much of this was published underground by “Mardukite Truth Seeker Press” until 2018, when all reprint rights for the literary legacy passed to a new independent press operated by its founder: the “Joshua Free Imprint.”

Necrogate Readers: Check out the Official Mardukite Zuism Home Page —

“With passage of over a decade, this unique ‘Mardukite’ genre or paradigm is now completely catalogued: spanning everything from prehistoric cosmogenesis of universal origins, through the evolution of the Human Condition and its social development as ‘traditions’ among civic and indigenous populations alike. But more than simply a…

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