New Era of the Crystal Dawn! Mardukite Beltane Gate 2020 (Part Four) – Evolution to Homo Novus, Babylonian Zuism & NexGen Systemology

Mardukite NecroGate

At the original original inception of Joshua Free’s modern Mardukite movement over a decade ago, a lack of specific widespread criteria and materials (such as we now have available) forced many to observe the first “2009 Beltane Gate” operation uniquely on an individual basis–practicing intention-based “rites,” “meditations” or “ceremonial expressions” of their own design: dancers danced, artists created, ceremonialists…ceremonied(?)… but the most important part of it all…

…the world was dedicated and focused together in a combined effort to bring a higher level of realization to global consciousness…

Gate of All Nations …and it was quite successful. At the Mardukite Offices in 2009, the original group of esoteric practitioners still relied on outdated occult sources to base the structure of their practices regarding the Babylonian spiritual-gate system prior to the Mardukite literary developments since produced over the past decade by the Mardukite Research Organization its and “Council of Nabu-Tutu,” a…

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